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“I’m not afraid of hard cases” - Obstetrician Doctor Le Van Duc

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For those have delivered at HANH PHUC International Hospital, Dr. Le Van Duc, Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department, not only has good medical acumen but is also able to conquer hardcases.




Doctor Le Van Đuc

- What are must-have characteristics of anobstetrician?
- Like any other doctors, the most important elements of an obstetrician, in my opinion, are safety performance, responsibility, high expertise and medical ethic.
Pressure in Obstetrics and Gynaecology is extremely high, facing not only high requirement of expertise, skills and knowledge but also risks. Actually, no doctor can ensure a perfect safety for obstetric patients during their pregnancy andlabour. No matter how closely monitored, there are unpredictable complications and sudden medical conditions. Moreover, this issue is becoming more serious and sensitive these days when many obstetric accidents occur, subjectivelyor objectively. However, at Hanh Phuc International Hospital, safety of pregnant women and their fetuses is always our top priority.
- It is widely perceived that private hospitals' doctors might not be qualified with high expertise, skills, experience and medical knowledge. What do you think?
- Obstetrics includes obstetric conditionsand obstetric diseasess. Actually, many private hospitals are not provided with sufficient facilities and human
resources to cope with critical cases. They are, therefore, often afraid of high risks obstetric cases and its high chances of reputation loss.
Fortunately, at Hanh Phuc International Hospital, we have a team of experts in Obstetrics and Gynaecology with intensive experiences, well-equipped facility, and especially, the closely support from other leading hospitals and reputable health institutes. Thanks to this advantage, we have been confident to successfully cure high risks and tough cases, consequently, to become a hospital of choice.
- Can you tell us about your most memorable momentwhen you overcame a tough case?
- We have successfully cured many tough cases, including three cases of "placenta accreta" and a case of HELLP syndrome, severely toxic pregnancy and placental abruption. Noticeably, there is a case of pregnant woman suffering from recurrent miscarriage and having lost many babiesafterfetal heart formation. These terrible experiences caused her fear, depressionand insecuritiesof motherhood. After diagnosis, the patient was found to have Antiphospholipid syndrome. First of all, she was helped to achieve mental balance, then,cure theinfertility problem. In herfollowing pregnancy, thanks to the accurate diagnosis and timely medical intervention, the woman gave birth successfully in the tears of happiness.
HANH PHUC International Hospital has successfully cured 11 cases of recurrent miscarriage. From these experiences, I would like to advise all unfortunate women have miscarriage to visit reputable and well equipped hospitals for sufficient tests, reliable consultants and efficient treatments.
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