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A touching story about Vu Quoc Linh

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Touching story about the kid named Vu Quoc Linh who was literally burn by his own father has received a lot of consensus and understanding from the community. Le Thi Ha, his mother said: "From that painful day to now, without the caring, protection and assistance from the community, we can not survive." Although Linh was believed that he could not survive after such accident. He finally overcomes the critical months thanks to the help from many organizations including the Hanh Phuc International Hospital who is now helping him to get back his appearance.

Hanh Phuc’s Anaesthetist caring Vu Quoc Linh
Oct 2011
Hanh Phuc International Hospital took the initiative to contact Linh’s family and arranged flight  for him and his mother to Saigon for treatment. After a follow-up, Dr. Joo Kwoo, the expert from JK Plastic surgery in Korea – A business partner of Hanh Phuc Hospital partners- accurately diagnosed his condition. Dr. Joo said that Linh’s case is still curable by stem-cell therapy to re-generate his skin.  Stem cell therapy will soften the burn skin and help regenerate new skin as normal. Stem cells would be taken from the bone marrow of children - were cultured in the laboratory for 3-4 weeks. When stem cells amount is sufficient, these cells will be injected directly into a vein and wound 3-4 times. Treatment and recovery process will be extended to adolescent children.
Vu Quoc Linh and his mother in Korea

Hanh Phuc had taken Linh and his mother to Seoul for his first treatment. His stem cells are implanted in the stem cell laboratory of JK and Linh will visit Seoul again next week to inject stem cells. The treatment for Linh is going positively now.

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