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Grand Opening of the 1st Singapore Standard Hospital in Vietnam

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HANH PHUC International Hospital, is the 1st Singapore standard hospital in Vietnam. After more than 20 months of operation, HẠNH PHÚC International would like to celebrate the Grand Opening and to introduce our new services to Vietnam women. 

The 1st Singapore standard hospital in Vietnam to dedicate to women and children
HẠNH PHÚC International Hospital opened to welcome the first patients in Jan 2011. After more than 20 months of operation, HẠNH PHÚC International Hospital has welcomed 100.000 patient visits and more than 2.200 newborn babies. On purpose of marking this achievement and on occasion of Vietnam Women Day's 20/10, HẠNH PHÚC International would like to celebrate the Grand Opening and to introduce our new services to Vietnam women. The Grand Opening Ceremony is celebrated at the Ground floor of the hospital on 20/10/2012, with the attendance of Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuyen - Deputy Minister of Health and more than 200 guests from Ho Chi Minh's, Binh Duong's agencies and other guests.
 Ms. Nguyen Thi Xuyen, Deputy Minister of Health to deliver her congratulation speech.
On this occasion, the hospital would like to introduce 3 new services: IVF Services, Women Cancer Services and Cosmetic Surgery Services under cooperation with well-known specialists from Singapore and Korea.
 Ms. Nguyen Thuc Anh – CEO of Hanh Phuc International Hospital to sign an cooperation agreement with JK Surgery Clinic of Korea.

Amongst over 2200 pregnant women chose Hanh Phuc for their trusted delivery place, Dancer Linh Nga celebrated her little angel there. Back to the hospital, she was move to tears to give her affection to Hanh Phuc Angels' dedication and professionalism. Dancer Linh Nga shared that after going with her labor and delivery, her mother- in- law had composed a song to present the hospital as a deep appreciation.


"Celebrating life" – A Humanistic philosophy to be respectful in Hanh Phuc Internatioanl Hospital.


Ms. Nguyen Thuc Anh – CEO of Hanh Phuc International Hospital stated: " Life is a precious gift and therefore we want to share with you in your ensuring that your experience with us is enjoyable".


That philosophy has come true, for instant, the case of Le kim Nhung (12 y.s) to be cured her rare cervical cancer by Hanh Phuc's Doctor staff. Especially, a touching story of Vu Quoc Linh, who was soaked by gasoline and burned by his father, has produced people such and such emotion. "Since he was burned by his father, if there was no helps from others we could not live", said Ms Le Thi Ha, the mother of the burning boy. Indeed, his body seemly cannot be saved but Vu Quoc Linh eventually overcame critical months thanks to a hand to help from others, including Hanh Phuc, who is sponsoring reconstructive surgery skin for him.
Vu Quoc Linh being cured  at JK, Korean.
The delegates to see child patients in Hanh Phuc.
From 20/10 to 30/11/2012, Hanh Phuc International Hospital offers many special promotions for customers. Patients get free 1st IVF consultation; free cosmetic surgery consultation with Korean consultant and Breast Cancer screening package from 300,000 dong. Please make appointment at: (0650) 363 60 68 
# 8112 – IVF
# 8123 – Cosmetic Surgery
# 8151 – Breast Cancer Screening


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