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Non-Invasive Harmony Test

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Harmony – Simple, Accurate, and Affordable


Moms-to-be are always worried about the diseases caused by chromosomal disorders. The most seen chromosomal diseases are the abnormalities of Trisomy 21, causing Down syndrome (nous disability, cardiological complications, digestion and other internal organs), Trisomy 18 caused Edward syndrome (harmful to many fetal organs, causing death of fetus, or early deaths), Trisomy 13 causing Patau syndrome (causing miscarriage, stillbirth, or early deaths, survival newborns may have brain defects, single ventricle defects and a serious defect on health).


To early detect the congenital defects, there are more tests to be done for prenatal health checkup, from non-invasive tests such as ultrasound, mother’s blood tests to amniocentesis or CVS (Chorionic villus sampling).


When being pregnant in a senior age, above 35 years old, moms-to-be must take the prenatal screening, they usually think twice between taking amniocentesis test and using non-invasive tests as the former test can cause miscarriage.


Often, CVS or amniocentesis test are used to detect chromosomal defects that cause Down syndrome, this type of test is done since the week 15 to 18, other two weeks for test results. When moms-to-be receive the results, the fetus has reached week 17 to 23. However, the amniocentesis test usually gives a high false positive rate, up to 5%. This can lead to two opposed consequences, either mom can be consulted to do abortion while fetus is in good condition, or the fetus has Down syndrome but could not be detected.


NIPT (Non-invasive prenatal test) Harmony – early prenatal screening, non-invasive with the accuracy up to 99,9%:




Non-invasive prenatal test Harmony is developed by Ariosa Diagnostic Laboratory, California, America. This is the world leading laboratory for non-invasive prenatal test. Harmony has been tested on over 150,000 moms-to-be in 50 countries since 2012, with the accuracy of the test is up to 99,9% and is the latest prenatal test nowadays.


The high technology of Harmony test can help to detect fetal chromosomal defects in the mother’s blood. In pregnancy, cell-free DNA from the fetus and mother are both present in maternal blood, the Harmony test uses efficient, directed analysis for accurate trisomy detection (the third trisomy of T21, T13, T18). The directed analysis gives a higher accuracy – 99,9%, and lower false positive rate – 0,01%, the test also avoid the miscarriage of the invasive tests, moms-to-be and families can have less fears and anxiety.


Moreover, Harmony test is a non-invaisve prenatal test which can be done in early pregnancy, from the 1st trimester – from the 11thweek to 13th week 6 days. The mother’s blood sample will be sent to Ariosa Laboratory in the America for analysis. The result will be provided in a timeline of 9 days after the receiving date of the sample, and moms-to-be can have the results in hands within 2 weeks. NIPT Harmony Prenatal Test has other advantages that it can be applied to IVF pregnant women, or women having multiple pregnancies, or at senior age.


The prenatal screening with NIPT Harmony test is the ultimate choice for mothers, as it could settle down all serious anxieties at the current time, and the cost is also very affordable. With the NIPT Harmony test, you can assure to do all the best for your baby, since a fetus.


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