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The guarding angel

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"Anaesthetic", "anesthesia" or "painless childbirth methods" are now common terms to the public, but not everyone knows about physicans perfoming these techniques. Almost all satisfied patients usually give their compliments to the surgeons without recognizing that there is always another physicians standing by in the operation theater to ensure their safety and to relieve their pain during and after the surgery: the Anaesthetist.

Among few anaesthetists being intensively trained in Vietnam, Dr. Dinh Van Tam – Head of Anaesthesiology Department in Hanh Phuc International Hospital is the typical "guarding angel".


Dr. Dinh Van Tam graduated from Hue Medical University as a Medical doctor in 1977. He was trained and worked as an anaesthetist in Paris and became a resident doctor at Anaesthesiology Department of North Amiens Hospital – France in 1994. From 1990 – 2010, he worked at Hue Central Hospital as the Deputy Head of Anaesthesiology Department, then the Head of Anaesthesiology Department. From 2010, he has been the Head of Anesthesiology Department at Hanh Phuc International Hospital till now. Over 2.200 babies were born in the last 2 years at Hanh Phuc Hospital with his professional consultation or his direct performance.



Contributions to a successful operation are not only from surgeons but also anaesthetists. However, the anaesthetist is not so much being recognised and received less praises. What is your opinion about this?


The medical team for a normal or a C-section delivery includes surgeons, anaesthetists, technicians and other specialist doctors. Each team member has own task to safely bring babies to the world or to cure patients. Both doctors and technicians must complete their roles and tasks in order that the others can complete theirs. As a part of team, we understand responsibility of an anesthetist is to support surgeons in surgery. Collaboration and team spririt are highly apreciated and a lack of any specialist cannot be allowed. Therefore, patient's compliments to any doctors can be regarded as a motivation for the whole team. We have chosen this career not for the praise but for the mission.


Can you tell us a serious case that Hanh Phuc International Hospital sucessfully cure?


There was a 34- week pregnant woman in critical condition. She was being referred and transferred from Binh Phuoc Hospital to Ho Chi Minh City but had to stop at Hanh Phuc International Hospital for emergency treatment. Here, she was found to have had a placental abruption, pre-eclampsia, shock bleeding, life-threatening…, we decided to perform an emergency cesarean section, then send her to Intensive Care Unit. In this case, anaesthetic is the most important concern in order to stablise the patient's condition for the emergent surgery. The woman's life was saved and she was discharged a week later thanks to the accurate diagnosis, timely operating and critical cares.


In your age, do you find any difficulty in performing your professiong?


The most important task of an anaesthetist is to research and combine medication to produce an appropriate prescription for each patient. And the criterion to evaluate an anesthetist or an anaesthesiology department of a hospital is patients'safety during treatment, especially their perception after delivery or surgery. Therefore, my age is not an obstacle of this job but becomes a factor of success for the surgeries. At Hanh Phuc International Hospital, each patient has their individual prescription based on their age, healthcondition, weight and even psychology. It has been widely said that "Giving birth and having surgery here in Hanh Phuc are notpainful. Patients can come back to their normal life within a maximum 8 hours after the surgery."

Thank you.

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