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Traveling tips for pregnancy

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It’s an ideal long Lunar New Year vacation for families and pregnancy to travel and have relaxation before giving birth. We have a chance to visit the Prenatal Class at HanhPhuc Hospital and listen some advises from doctor for pregnancy when traveling.
Choose a sensible sit: Pregnancies intending to travel in Lunar New Year vacation should be prepared carefully and choose for themselves the most confortable sit on the plane/ car.
Inaddition to the choice of convenients it to avoid tired and numb, pregnancies shouldn’t move in a long trip. Pregnancies who will have a flight more than 6 hours need to be checkup and have specific consults from doctor.
Keep a healthy diet: As the changing taste and nutritional needs during pregnancy, you should notice the meals of the place you are going to ensure the suitability and safety. You should also bring healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, homemade sandwich or less sugar grains. Pregnancyshouldn’t drink ice water and fruit juice in places that are not hygienic. The mothers are also advised to split the meal and drink plenty of water to avoid being hungry or dehydration. In addition to food safety, pregnancy should also avoid eating too many nutrients to prevent gestational diabetes. 
Suitable activities: All leisure and light activities are ideal for pregnancy. Doctors advise mothers to participate in healthy activities like watching music shows, artshows, swimming, walking, sightseeing, massage(should choose a reputable, qualified places and report gestational age before massage), visit exhibitions and museums. Pregnancy should avoid activities in high temperatureenvironment (sauna, jacuzzi tub) and hard activities.
Tips for a perfect vacation: Firstly, future mothers should bring confortable and convenient clothing which suitable with the weather in the coming place. Pregnancies go to toilet more often. The heavy body leads to difficulties when moving, especially in public toilets and on the plane. Therefore, woman should go to toilet before leaving at clean places. 
Be prepared carefully for a safety and perfect vacation before enjoy travelling. Pregnancy should also attend in classes that prepare skill and knowledge for being confident and ensuring the development of both mother and baby. At present, many hospitals have organized prenatal classes with direct consultation from specialist doctors. Many classes are held free of charge to support woman who want to give birth at the hospital. Find and choose an appropriate class to prepare yourself necessary knowledge before birth.


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