Patient Handbook

General Health Check-Up Packages At Hanh Phuc International Clinic


General health checkup packages from basic to advanced for customers at Hanh Phuc always bring the safest and most optimal. We perform clinical and paraclinical examinations to detect disease risk factors, thereby adjusting and changing lifestyles to improve health and prevent disease from occurring… Even screening deep and detect potential diseases such as: hypertension, elevated liver enzymes, increased uric acid, metabolic syndrome (overweight and obesity, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia), hepatobiliary disease, thyroid…   

Nowadays, with a highly urbanized lifestyle, living space is narrower and the need for companionship with pets is more. Therefore, the general examination packages at Hanh Phuc clinic are supplemented and refined to provide optimal screening and better suit the modern lifestyle of Thu Duc Citizen.

Packages detail:

Note: The package of examination is not applicable for the purpose of medical examination and classification as prescribed by the Ministry of Health, medical assessment examination, examination for issuance of certificates, occupational disease examination, work permit examination, etc.

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