Hanh Phuc International Hospital to host workshop on JCI standards soon

9 July, 2020


The first Vietnamese-language workshop on approaching JCI standards in hospital quality management will be held at Hanh Phuc International Hospital from July 20 to 24, 2020 to help hospitals in the country understand the latest, 7th edition of JCI manual guides.

During this five-day programme, participants will also be shared practical experiences on how to improve quality and patient safety.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is the world’s leading standards system used to evaluate hospitals’ healthcare services to ensure the best quality care for patients. JCI-accredited hospitals will be internationally-recognised for their healthcare services quality. Recently, about 700 hospitals in more than 100 countries have been accredited with “JCI gold seals of approval” around the world.

JCI standards for hospitals have more than 1,200 measurable elements including important standards such as International Patient Safety Goal, access to care and continuity of care, patient-centered care, assessment of patients, care of patients, anesthesia and surgical care, medication management and use, quality improvement and patient safety, prevention and control of infections, governance, leadership, and direction, facility management and safety, staff qualifications and education, management of information.

In many developed countries, health insurance agencies only sign contracts and provide direct billing with JCI-accredited organisations. The achievement of JCI standards speaks of an organisation’s commitment to service quality, gaining customers’ trust and confidence. Therefore, striving to improve the quality and achieve JCI certification is an indispensable need for each hospital. Through periodic re-evaluation every three years, JCI will continue to promote hospitals to maintain activities to improve the quality and safety of patients.

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