Oscar clinic

OSCAR (One-Stop Clinic for Assessment of Risk) Antenatal Clinic is established to provide all-in-one clinic with comfort, convenience, high accuracy of tests, safety and international quality service to moms-to-be. In OSCAR Antenatal Clinic, all types of tests and ultrasound for pregnant women are done in one place, such as double test, abnormalities of chromosomes, NT (nuchal translucency) ultrasound, fetal nasal bone ultrasound… All tests at OSCAR Clinic will have a high accuracy results as they are sent to and analysed by the Quest lab Singapore and Thomson Prenatal Diagnostics Lab Singapore. And patients will get the results within 24 hours after doing the test.

In OSCAR Antenatal Clinic, NT ultrasound is ensured by FMF (Fetal Medicine Foundation – World Fetal Association) certified doctors. Blood tests and ultrasound will be analyzed on FMF software, a system applied in 196 countries and territories around the world in fetal abnormal screening. Currently, Hanh Phuc International Hospital possesses 5 NT ultrasound doctors and 3 fetal nasal bone ultrasound doctors (out of 57 NT ultrasound doctors and 12 fetal nasal bone ultrasound doctors in Vietnam, certified by FMF).

Patients will have the opportunity to consult with our senior doctors and nurses in OSCAR Antenatal Clinic, and are indicated to have antenatal tests. Moms-to-be will be cared and followed up throughout their pregnancy period after having test. In case the pregnancy is listed as high-risk case, pregnant women will be carefully monitored at the hospital by Hanh Phuc senior doctors in different specialties (such as endocrinologists, cardiologists, oncologists…) from reputable public and overseas hospitals.

OSCAR Antenatal Clinic is advised with professional guidance by Dr. Ha Nguyen, Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department of Tu Du Hospital, and Dr Tony Tan – President of Obstetrical and Gynaecological Society of Singapore; member of the Maternal and Fetal Medicine Committee, Asia Oceanic Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

Service provided in OSCAR Antenatal Clinic:


– Comprehensive prenatal screening and diagnosing is executed  by the Singapore lab tests (Quest Laboratory and Thomson Prenatal Diagnostics Laboratory)

–  Screening and early detecting chromosomal abnormalities and fetal malformations

–  Screening and detecting birth defects by non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) – the most advanced in the world, ensured by ARIOSA-California Lab, United States.

–  Special diagnostic tests to professional labs in Singapore

– High risk pregnancy management program ensured by highly skilled and senior doctors in different specialties from public and overseas hospitals. This program helps detecting and preventing abnormalities in pregnancy, such as:   

  + Stillbirth
+ Miscarriage              
+ Preterm-birth
+ Pre-eclampsia+ Diabetes in pregnancy + Overdue pregnancy
+ Multipregnancies complications